Texas hospitals are in critical need of NICU registered nurses to help provide relief to those who have been working countless hours since Hurricane Harvey made landfall last Friday. Area hospital systems are currently transporting nurses into Dallas and Austin, and working to get nurses into the Houston/Corpus Christi areas as the water recedes.

South University, Columbia Faculty Member Named Palmetto Gold Award Recipient

Award Honors Excellence in the Nursing Profession

2017 South University Commencement

Congratulations 2017 Graduates!

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South University Faculty Member Presents at National Conference

South University, West Palm Beach faculty member Michael Van Slyck, Ph.D. recently presented two papers at the 125th American Psychological Association conference in Washington, D.C. One paper examined conflict and looked at people’s affective, cognitive and behavioral responses to conflict. The second paper examined students’ preferences for different instructional techniques, and found that students prefer interactive approaches like class discussion over the lecture approach. Van Slyck is the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program director at South University, West Palm Beach.


South University, Novi Faculty Member Uses Cancer Battle as Inspiration for New Book
Book Focuses on the Unique Issues Black Women Face When Fighting Breast Cancer

NOVI, MI. – August 30, 2017 -- South University, Novi faculty member Cheryl Holloway, PhD has just released the new book The Black Woman’s Breast Cancer Survival Guide, Understanding and Healing in the face of a Nationwide Crisis.

Holloway, a two-time breast cancer survivor who was first diagnosed at the age of 39, wrote the book to educate and empower African-American women about the many aspects of a breast cancer diagnosis. From overcoming the fear of treatment side effects to learning to advocate for their own health and well-being, Holloway uses her experience as a patient and her expertise as a public health professional to help readers facing a breast cancer battle.

“A breast cancer diagnosis is terrifying,” Holloway says. “But after the initial shock subsides, women owe it to themselves and those who love them to take charge of their health. Oftentimes, black women face unique challenges in their breast cancer battle and they must feel confident enough to ask questions and get the information they need about their treatment.”

“Black women are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 40,” she continues. “So check-ups and screening are vital. Yet, many black women miss these appointments because they don’t have healthcare centers near their homes or the transportation to get them there. However, they should know there are many resources available to help them. I want every woman to have that information.”

Holloway is the program director for the Bachelor of Science in Public Health program at South University, Novi and also teaches courses on women and minority health issues and public health and wellness. The Black Woman’s Breast Cancer Survival Guide, Understanding and Healing in the face of a Nationwide Crisis was published by Praeger-ABC-CLIO.  


Success Stories

Christopher Butler

2010, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
South University, West Palm Beach

“South University gave me the educational credentials I needed to get the job advancements and opportunities that have gotten me where I am today in my career field.”


Success Stories

Sara Ecoro

2016, Master of Science in Nursing with a Specialization in Family Nurse Practitioner
South University, Online Programs

“The whole hospital experience from the nurses and doctors, impacted me tremendously and reassured me that I wanted to help people."


Success Stories

Alexandra White

Doctor of Pharmacy Student
South University, Savannah, GA

South University Pharmacy Student Is One of Just 12 Nationwide to be Honored.


South University, West Palm Beach Inducts Students

The students inducted are:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing students:

                Nicole Bracciale
                Jamie Granino
                Latoya Henry-Downie
                Samantha Holtzclaw
                Sara Keppick
                Amber Melton
                Amy Nichols
                Melissa Ewan

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) student:

                Itamar Joseph Wall

Master of Science in Nursing with a Specialization in Family Nurse Practitioner

                Stephanie Victor

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South University Holds Inaugural Pi Gamma Mu Induction Ceremony

South University recently held the institution’s inaugural induction ceremony of Pi Gamma Mu, which is the International Honor Society in Social Sciences.

Ten campuses participated in the induction ceremony together through a video conference.  Sixty-seven charter members were inducted during the event.

Both South University undergraduate and graduate students studying in the areas of Psychology/Behavioral Sciences, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Criminal Justice are eligible for membership, provided they meet the academic criteria of Pi Gamma Mu. During the ceremony, new members were presented with a certificate, membership card, and official Pi Gamma Mu pin.

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South University, Novi Students Volunteer

South University, Novi Master of Science in Nursing with a Specialization in Family Nurse Practitioner students and faculty members recently volunteered to perform health screenings for underserved community members.

The South University team partnered with Dr. Patrick Hawkins’ Carriage Town Ministries in Flint, Michigan. The organization provides resources to those in need.

The South University students helped with blood pressure checks, Snellen eye exams and foot exams.

“It was an amazing opportunity to serve our local community and our students are eager to return for additional volunteer opportunities,” said South University Master of Science in Nursing Program Director Dr. Michele McMahon.


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South University, West Palm Beach Nursing Students Provide Health Screens for 250 Children in Need

The health screens were part of the Palm Beach area’s ‘Back to School’ bash. South University, West Palm Beach undergraduate nursing students provided height, weight, BMI, blood pressure and vision testing. The graduate students completed the physical examinations, and also provided health and wellness lessons to both school children and their parents.

College of Nursing and Public Health faculty members from the South University, West Palm Beach campus coordinated and led the health screens.

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